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Gaea’s Garden was founded by a herbalist with a passion for nature as well as a big enough heart to care. 


“With the way the prices of medicines are going these days, soon no-one will be able to afford to get better or prevent ailments, even ailments as simple as the flu.” Says Abby.


Gaea’s Garden have people who know that most medications are based on long used recipe combinations of plants and believe that Mother Nature still offers those remedies without having to chemically change her make-up. Keeping things as natural as possible, both for the body, mind and spirit as well as the environment. 


Abby is a qualified herbalist, her and her team offers their skills to help balance, heal and protect the body and mind.

Herbal Tinctures, Syrups & Extracts

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

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Gaea’s Garden


Gaea’s Garden offers natural organic products of the highest quality to assist with your well being. Every product is hand made with care, health, balance and YOU in mind. We understand that everyone is different and in need of that personal touch to help make them feel better.

Looking after yourself doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Gaea’s Garden is here with everything you need.


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