Our Products



High quality individual herb tinctures available in 5ml, 30ml & 50ml.

Fusion tinctures. A combination of multiple herbs available in 5ml, 30ml & 50ml

Custom fusions will need to be discussed during a consultation.

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Let your senses dive deep and experience a variety of our aromatherapy bath salts named after the Greek Gods.

Athena Dust, Artemis Dust, Aphrodite Dust, Apollo Powder, Demeter Dust, Hera Dust, Helios Dust, Hestia Dust, Poseidon Powder, Zeus Powder.

All available in bath crystals and fine salts. Packaged in 500g.

Herbal Creams & Balms

Topical creams and balms for all your bumps and bruises alike.

Custom blended creams (100ml) and balms (5ml) also available on request.

Herbal Candles

Luxuriously scented, hand crafted herbal candles for every mood.

Sage candles for smudging, meditation and cleansing.

Fusions for meditation, relaxation, stimulation and every other mood.

Packaged in closable 100ml glass jars.

Soaps & Scrubs

Glycerin based soaps infused with oils and herbs strong enough to help alleviate dryness, skin disorders and blemishes yet soft enough to use on your face.

Available in 38g (Soaps) & 100g (Soaps & Scrubs).


Contact Abby or Liezl for more information or for custom solutions and elixers.

So don’t be shy, come say “Hi”.

What People say About Us


I used a fusion cream from Gaea’s Garden on a bad spider bite and it did wonders. I would definitely recommend their products. The ladies are friendly and knowledgeable and they will help you choose the right products.


Wonderful ladies. Very helpful and friendly. Their bath salts are absolutely divine, they don’t only smell beautiful but they do wonders for my sensitive skin. I also use their scrubs which are mild and gentle but still does the job you want them to. I love it!